Tuesday, 14 February 2012

April Meet: Guest Speaker Announced

We're pleased to announce that for our third meet on Thursday 26th April, a brewing contingent from Ilkley Brewery Co. will be joining us. In contrast to the last meetings Barley Wine master class, the subject matter of Ilkley's talk will be on brewing low gravity, hop-forward beers, and for those who want to take part to then go away and put it into practice.  In a similar format to the Revolutions Brewing Co. competition, the brewer of the best beer (judged by Ilkley) will be invited over to their brewery for a brewday.

If you would like to join us, and for those of you who plan to bring beer, please can you let us know by commenting on this post.

They venue is Mr Foleys and I'll post a runnning order nearer the date, although it will read much the same as last time, be there to start for 7pm.



  1. Just to confirm that the following have put their beers forward for Thursday's meet:

    Will (@Ghostdrinker)/Matt (@braukerl)- Amber Ale
    Ian (@Lugsy51) - Cascadian III
    Simon (@brotherlogic) - Barley Wine

    If anyone else would like to put their names forward, just comment here or tweet me @broadfordbrewer. We can always sort on the night.
    Cheers, David

  2. I've got my first brew (wherry kit) fermenting at the moment, so I havnt got much to offer but I'd love to come down and listen to what you guys have to say and hopefully absorb some info. If you guys don't mind a novice crashing the party.

  3. M86ney - the more the merrier - it's all about learning and getting information from your peers in the brewing world