Tuesday, 5 June 2012

July Meet-Up - A Call For Dates, & Possible Brew Day

Homebrewers of Leeds (and its environs), we need to try and set a date for our quarterly July meet.

For this meeting we have found a new home. The Brewery Tap, part of Leeds Brewery's estate, has very kindly offered to host us for the evening. As you will know if you've visited this fine establishment, it has a small (2.5bbl) brewplant on the premises, and Dave Scott, the manager there, has suggested that we might like to brew something that we can put on the bar for the meet.

So this post has two objectives - the first to set a date for the meet, and the second is to figure out if we can logistically brew a beer for that date, and what it should be. If we can brew a beer, then we need to decide what it will be, and who will brew it - should it be a collaborative effort from anyone who can get involved, or do we want to put one of the better recipes from a previous meet onto a small production run?

This should be fun!