What this isn't is an online help forum - there are many excellent resources out there, Jim's Beer Kit being perhaps the best-loved and most-used.

The Leeds Homebrew blog is the online newsletter for a group of homebrewers based in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire, and further afield.

The primary aim of this blog is to coordinate members to meet up once every three months, bring their latest brews along,and share them and get feedback in a supportive environment.

It is also hoped that this will become an online record of recipes that members have brewed and brought along to the meet. Recipe formats should roughly conform to this sample recipe. It doesn't have to be exactly the samem but please try to give enough info so that a reader could duplicate your recipe if they were interested. Of course, being a homebrewer, there are things you don't want to reveal, and that's fine too!

If you'd like to get involved, please email zak(at)thebeerboy.co.uk, and he will invite you to become a contributing author.

Like any group, this will only be as good as the sum of its members efforts, so please get involved!

If you don't want to post recipes, that's fine, but please at least become a follower, so we have an idea of the amount of interest in this idea.

Thanks for your interest, and don't let that pot boil over!