Friday, 13 January 2012

Revolutions Brewing Co. & Leeds Homebrew - Competition

With the aim of creating yet more interest in West Yorkshire brewing, Revolutions Brewing Co., in collaboration with Leeds Homebrew, have announced a homebrew competition.

The prize is a full 8BBL commercial brew (reserving the right to make any necessary technical tweaks) of the winner in a competition to produce the best 4.5% homebrewed beer of any style - the winner can of course come and participate in the brewday.

It will be released to market in April 2012 as part of our Rewind 33 series under the name REPLICAS (referencing the 1979 Tubeway Army album) - the beer will certainly appear in pubs throughout Yorkshire and further afield, including The CRAFT Beer Co. in London, Mr Foleys in Leeds and The Maltings in York, where the winner can enjoy a pint and bask in the warm glow of craft brew glory! It should also appear at beer festivals such as Rothwell, Doncaster, Leicester and Newark. We will encourage the winner to participate in publicity activities.

Here are the rules, such as they are:

1. The beer should be brewed to a target ABV of 4.5%.

2. It can be any style – (except Milk Stout please – we’re doing one in February!)

3. It must use only European hops – a) to test you all on a level playing field and, b) to avoid any issues of scarcity of US / NZ versions when it comes to the commercial brew.

4. You must divulge your full recipe and method. We reserve the right to “tweak” it for technical and / or commercial reasons.

5. We will set up a judging panel of people outside the group, including ourselves, to determine the winner.

6. Entries must be submitted in bottles by 28th February 2012 – judging will take place on February 29th – the brewday will be in Castleford in early March.

7. Please submit your bottles with your name, contact details and recipe to us at the address below, or alternatively drop them at Mr Foleys or Beer-Ritz marked for our attention.


Revolutions Brewing Co, Unit B7, Whitwood Enterprise Park, Speedwwell Road, Whitwood, Castelford, WF10 5PX


  1. Scramble!... scramble!!

  2. If I had time in my busy homebrew schedule I might do that.

  3. What type of bottles and how many need to be submitted?

  4. Hello - on the bottles....whilst any type of bottles will be acceptable, you would of course be wise to choose the sort that will show your beer off in the best way, so crown capped 33cl / 50cl bottles, or swing top, Grolsch style might be the way to go.
    In terms of quantity....3 33cl or 2 50cl bottles would be fine, enough for 5 people to sample and judge.

    Thanks, Mark - Revolutions

  5. Sorry to go off topic but does anyone know the total alkalinity of leeds water?

  6. Hmm, not really leaving a lot of time.. Is the 4.5% ABV rule hard and fast? If I had a beer of, say, 4.9% - could I enter it?

  7. Mr Bosium....Hard and fast on the 4.5 I'm afraid!

    Mark - Revolutions

  8. Hi Mark,
    Just to be clear - are English hops allowed?

  9. Hi - sorry, didn't see your question until today. Yes, absolutely.

  10. Bosium - Beer arrived safely - thanks