Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ulysses 31

75% Pale ale malt
10% Munich
8% Wheat malt
6% Caramunich II
1% Amber malt

Hops & Additions
13g US Magnus (16%AA) 60 mins  (21IBU)
30g Aus Galaxy (13.8%AA) 10 mins (15 IBU)
25g Aus Galaxy (13.8%AA) 5 mins (7 IBU)
25g Aus Galaxy (13.8%AA) Flame out

20g Dry hop for 5 days post fermentation

200ml thick yeast slurry (WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast)

Adjusted to ‘Pale ale’ as per

Mash at 65 degrees for 60 minutes
Boil for 60 minutes with additions as above.
Cool to 20 degrees and pitch yeast

Target Specifications
OG: 1.052
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.3% ABV
IBU: 43.8 (Tinseth)
SRM: 7.4
Mash efficiency: 80%
Batch Size: 20L

A straight forward brew day with no real hassle. I haven't used Galaxy before so wanted to showcase it with the 1st brew. Named after one of my favourite cartoons when I was younger.
The yeast kicked off within 8 hours and is now chugging away nicely. I'm hoping for a nice big yeast cake so I can use the 3rd generation for a big new years day RIS brew. Having used the WLP090 on my Black IPA it seems to give a nice rapid ferment with a VERY clean profile, so hopefully the galaxy will shine through, with a nice slightly sweet malt character to back it up.

I had the camera out for the brew session, pictures are posted on JBK HERE

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