Thursday, 18 April 2013

Leeds International Beer Festival Competition

Homebrewers of Leeds!......of Yorkshire....and Yorkshire folk displaced but still proud to hail from Yorkshire!  A gauntlet has been thrown in our general direction from the homebrewers of Lancashire.  They say that our mothers are hamsters and that our fathers smell of elderberries, and we cannot ignore these taunts!  We have also received word from their Manchester HQ which suggests that we’re not up for the challenge.  It's time to show them how we roll(ing boil)!

The competition has been organised by our friends at the Leeds International Beer Festival (@LeedsBeer on Twitter)

The challenge upon us:
Brew a beer style of your choosing, it must be under or equal to 6% abv and must incorporate at least one hop variety from each of the following; Britain, the US and from the New World (Aus/NZ).   We need as many of our group to brew a beer, then we will meet together and choose the five that will go forward to the panel of judges.  The Lancashire homebrewers will do the same.  The judges will then meet, taste, deliberate and choose one beer from Yorkshire and one from Lancashire.  These winning beers will be produced by a breweries in their respective counties, before they are presented to the good folk who attend the Leeds International Beer Festival in September.  Only then will the discerning public choose the ultimate winner.   All proceeds from the sales of the two winning beers will go to a charity of the commercial breweries choosing.

We need to have beers brewed, bottled and to have selected our five gladiator beers by the end of June.  You should be prepared to supply 2x500ml bottles with plain crown caps.  The five beers selected for judging by the Leeds International Beer Festival panel will also need to be submitted with a recipe sheet attached to the bottles.


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