Tuesday, 5 June 2012

July Meet-Up - A Call For Dates, & Possible Brew Day

Homebrewers of Leeds (and its environs), we need to try and set a date for our quarterly July meet.

For this meeting we have found a new home. The Brewery Tap, part of Leeds Brewery's estate, has very kindly offered to host us for the evening. As you will know if you've visited this fine establishment, it has a small (2.5bbl) brewplant on the premises, and Dave Scott, the manager there, has suggested that we might like to brew something that we can put on the bar for the meet.

So this post has two objectives - the first to set a date for the meet, and the second is to figure out if we can logistically brew a beer for that date, and what it should be. If we can brew a beer, then we need to decide what it will be, and who will brew it - should it be a collaborative effort from anyone who can get involved, or do we want to put one of the better recipes from a previous meet onto a small production run?

This should be fun!


  1. I'd like to be involved if we go for a collaborative brew!

  2. Get all the members to bring 100-200g of the fav hop along for a real collaborative brewday. Just pick a hop-growing region ;)

  3. I terms of dates, the end of the month is better for me - Wednesday or Thursday night?

    For a beer, I'm easy. An open collab would be fun, although I'd also quite like to see Braukerl and GhostDrinker's Possession Amber Ale done at a larger volume - nice interplay of malt and hops, nice mix of trad and modern styles.

  4. Wednesday nights are good for me too. I'm away 25th-29th June, but just arrange it and I'll get involved if I'm around. Cheers.
    The Amber Ale sounds like a good choice to me...although Matt's hopping rates might leave us bankrupt :)

    1. mid month would be better for me if possible. I'd love to come to the brew day too, i don't care what we brew.

      ps didn't mean to make that a rhyme:)

  5. Aw thanks Avery, it was a peace offering after all the Styrians and Brett B.

    David- I had my reasons!

    Love to be involved, even if it only involves taking turns putting the hops in. I'm not about 15 while 19th of June, otherwise good to go.

  6. having just popped the cap on my first homebrew I'd like to come along to the July meeting to pick up any tips and generally chat. i'm free pretty much anytime.

  7. I'd be interested in attending (if I haven't already missed it). I've only done kits so far (with a few hop teas) so I won't be much help in recipe but I'd like to be involved.