Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Zealand Pale Ale

4kg Maris Otter pale malt
300g Torrified Wheat
500g Vienna Malt

Hops & Additions
10g Motueka (13.8%AA) at First Wort
10g Nelson Sauvin (12.6%AA) at First Wort
1x Protofloc tablet at 15 minutes
20g Motueka at 10 minutes
20g Nelson Sauvin at 10 minutes
20g Motueka at 1 minute
20g Nelson Sauvin at 1 minute
50g Motueka dry hop (1 week)
50g Nelson Sauvin dry hop (1 week)

Safeale US-05

Mash at 68 degrees for 90 minutes, second mash for 45 minutes.
Collect 25 litres total.
Boil for 60 minutes with additions as above.
Cool to 20 degrees and pitch yeast

Target Specifications
OG: 1.056
FG: 1.014
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 62.76
SRM: 5.3
Mash efficiency: 70%
Batch Size: 23 litres (5 gallon)

I have high hopes for this brew. The hops gave off a great aroma in the kettle so I am hoping that this will follow through for a flavourful beer. It was brewed on Monday and is currently fermenting, with another 100g of hops to be added whilst conditioning. I collected slightly to much, however this doesnt seem to have effected the OG too much, although it may be closer to 1.054.

Dean Pugh


  1. love new zealand hops so sounds a good'un

  2. Lovely hop regime, but I'd consider pulling back the bittering additions a wee bit. I find Nelson Sauvin and Motueka as a combo work great and give a lovely "soft" tropical overall flavour that can be ruined by too many IBUS. Maybe pull it back to 45-50. Hope you don't mind an opinionated kiwi um... opinion! :)

  3. Sounds tasty, maybe a bottle swap?

  4. Thanks Greig, opinions are always valued! will see how it turns out, maybe tone it down if I do a second brew.

    Pdtnc - bottle swap sounds good, either at a meet up or I'll send some over with a dray

  5. Looks good Dean. The IBU rule-of-thumb that I've had passed on to me is that it should be about the same as the last two figures of the OG.

  6. I was quizzing people about IBUs this past weekend. The Brits said I was abit high and a friend in San Diego said it was too low (for San Diego).

    I love both Motekua an Nelson Sauvin but would be concerned NS would beat the stuffing out of its fellow New Zealander?

    As for bitterness I think you'll be OK was majority of your addition were pretty late on.

    What is the percentage of torrifed wheat?

    I've never used Vienna malt fearing it would impart too much flavour. The malt bill I've stuck to for pale ales it 87% Maris Otter, 10% German Munich and 3% Caramalt. I was given that by Evin at Kernel and I can't disagree with the quality of their pale ales.

    Regadless Dean it sounds amazing I really want to brew something with Motueka, lovey hop.

  7. I like the look of this one Dean! Two hops that I have in my freezer but have never used yet! Was it UK vienna of german?

  8. Torrified Wheat was 6.25% of the brew, Vienna is Weyermanns. Its been in bottles for a week so will be good to share in about a month hopefully