Friday 17 January 2014

Next Meet - Call For Dates

So, next meet is called for early February. Shall we try and agree a date? We will hopefully have a very special guest to come and talk to us too.
We have been offered space at The Bridge in Kirkstall. It's a little way out of town, but close to Headingley train station, so if anyone has any objection to this, please speak up.

EDIT 23/01/2014 - Our proposed guest, James Kemp, is unable to attend on Fridays. Please let us know what days are preferable in light of this.


  1. I can't do the evening of the 4th, pretty easy otherwise.

  2. Yeah I'm up for it - never been to the Bridge before so it's a good excuse for a visit. Is there any chance we could do it on a Friday? No problem if not but I'd prefer to be able to stay until past 9 o'clock!

  3. Can anyone join in? How much beer is usual to bring to these things?

  4. Good for most weekdays early Feb. Not averse to a Fri but will have to check with the Bridge.

    Steven- Yep, anyone welcome. Usually six ish people put beers in for tasting by the group so 2/3 bottles depending on size. Obviously you can bring whatever you like for swaps.

  5. I usually can't do Thursday nights but at a push I could try and get it off work! Any other night would be no problem though!

  6. Same as leedsbrew. Thursdays not good.

  7. Mon to Weds is fine by me. BigAde.

  8. Hi, there
    I work for the Black Swan, Leeds and we are going to be hosting a brewing competition soon (submissions dates being the 16th August)
    I was just wondering If there is any possibility if yourself or any members of this group would like to take part, please feel free to email me at